October 7, 2022

Music Reviews


amina –  aminamina

antony & the johnsons – I am a bird now

battles – ep c  


berg sans nipple – form of

the berg sans nipple – along the quai

boards of canada – geogaddi

boards of canada – the campfire headphase

brenda – s/t

cacoy – human is music

cocorosie – noah’s ark

 deaf center – pale ravine

do make say think – you, you’re a history in rust  

doves – some cities 

efterklang – tripper

efterklang – under giant trees  

elbow – cast of thousands

fennesz – venice

fly pan am – n’écoutez pas  

godspeed you! black emperor – yanqui u.x.o.

goldmund – corduroy road  

grandaddy – sumday

gregor samsa – 27:36

gustav – rettet die wale

hood – outside closer

  kama aina – club kama aina    

lali puna – faking the books

lost in translation – soundtrack

lullatone – little songs about raindrops

manyfingers – our worn shadow

marconi union – distance

matmos – the civil war

max richter – the blue notebooks

minit – now right here


mogwai – happy songs for happy people

múm – finally we are no-one

 julien neto – le fumeur de ciel

rachel’s – systems/layers

radiohead – hail to the thief

  sickoakes – seawards  

sigur rós – ( )

sigur rós – ba ba ti ki di do

sigur rós – takk  

 sunshine republic – s/t  

the album leaf – in a safe place

 the boats – we made it for you  

the books – lost and safe

the hafler trio – exactly as I say

the neutrinos – build him till he breaks

the remote viewer – let your heart draw a line

 ryan teague – six preludes

various artists – childish music

various artists – 4 women no cry

various artists – ‘pataphysics   

 zelienople – sleeper coach