July 17, 2024

Positive World News

In recent times, the media is increasing their awareness of how to focus on news and its impact on the readers or listeners.

We welcome the fact that a good part of these global media in the world join the wave of solutions journalism that we finally see has real effects on its editorial lines, with a higher weight of good news and the right treatment of the story.

While this line is not yet dominant, the fact that many media are already incorporating, in special editions or sections, is significant.

The latest case, the French daily Courier International, which on July 26 launched an edition dedicated to the “20 good news” of the year in a tour of recent news with a positive impact on the world.

From Positive-we’ve been doing the focus of the optimism in the statistics, which analyzed in perspective highlight an improvement was increasing: life expectancy close to 80 years of age, one household in the poverty of every 12 about one home for every three halves a century ago.

It should be noted that the edition of Courier International also includes an extensive interview with Harvard College professor Steven Pinker and Guru par excellence of this new optimistic movement.

“When they become aware of war or attack, it is illogical for people to think of a repetition of violence automatically. In reality, the frequency of wars has been decreasing since 1946, the homicide rate in the United States has decreased since 1992, and the numbers of diseases, hunger, misery, poverty, illiteracy have decreased,” argues Pinker.

  • UNESCO declares Yoga an intangible heritage of humanity to continue helping the globe

Do you exercise yoga exercise? Share this useful information with the world!

On Thursday, December 1, 2016, UNESCO declared the genealogical technique of Indian Yoga exercise an intangible heritage of humankind.

“Designed to help people have a mutual understanding of themselves, to minimize the enduring they might be experiencing as well as to experience and permit a state of freedom. Yoga exercise is exercised by young and old without differentiating either by gender, class, or religion,” declared UNESCO.

The Intergovernmental Board decided its Annual Satisfying in Addis Ababa, where it took into consideration that the approach underlying this technique “has affected numerous elements of society in this nation, varying from health and wellness as well as medicine to education and also the arts.”

It is a terrific acknowledgment of the importance of the” unification of the mind, body, and soul to boost the psychological, physical and also spiritual health of people,” put in the words of UNESCO.

Traditionally this cultural practice was transmitted from an educator to a student, but nowadays, there are thousands of opportunities to learn it. Its diffusion in the West has been amongst the fastest and also most well gotten of Asian methods, so if you are interested, you will possibly find quickly were to exercise it.

This is excellent information since it highlights the function of yoga as a standard technique, a dental practice, and also a genealogical and scientific knowledge system. It is additionally a practice that cultivates consistency as well as tranquility among castes, beliefs, genders, ages, and citizenship.

Do you exercise yoga exercise? Share this great news with the world!

  • Footwear with GPS for people with dementia in Japan

This technology sends out notices whenever the senior moves more than 50, 100, or 500 meters away from their home, relying on the value they set.

Japanese business has produced footwear with GPS mainly created to assist older individuals with the mental deterioration that is likely to obtain lost and wander around without understanding how to return house.

The shoes baptized as “GPS Shoes – Dokodemo ” lug a locator installed in the inside of the outsole of the left footwear as well as let you understand the placement of the user via tools such as mobile phones as well as computer systems after sharing the variety of incurable id and a password.

“We have experience in looking for patients with shed mental deterioration, and we know that these types of individuals do not make use of cellphones, necklaces, or watches, yet footwear … That’s why we decided to create some with a GPS radar,” a representative for Wish Hills, shoe manufacturers, informed EFE.

The locator is associated with a gadget to which it sends out notifications when the older man moves more than 500 meters away from his house, depending on the worth each set, showed the very same source. Furthermore, it shows the position of the user on a map to make it easier to enter a search, among other functions.

The company, which intends to “conserve lives” with these shoes, it guarantees that the item has a good result as well as it is marketing quite possibly, “mostly among ladies of regarding 50 years that have a parent with mental deterioration”.

Shoes cost around 266 euros as well as are just readily available in Japan, a nation where practically a quarter of the populace more than 65. “The residential market is significant to us; nevertheless, in the future, we would certainly have an interest in the opening to other markets where the population will certainly age rapidly in the coming years,” the company said.

Mental deterioration is a disorder that includes the damage of memory, intelligence, behavior, as well as the ability to carry out everyday life tasks. Some 47.5 million people deal with dementia in the world, and also 7.7 million new instances are signed up each year, according to information from the World Health Organization (who).