July 17, 2024

Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes for Children

  1. Mike asks his mother, ” Mom, what’s in your belly?”

And his mother says, ” Well, I have a baby that your father gave me.”

The kid looks at her with a scary face and runs off to where his dad is and says, ” Dad, Dad! Don’t give Mom any more babies because she eats them!!”

  1. Mike arrives from playing football and is super happy. And he says to his father, “Dad, Dad, I played the best game of my life! I scored three goals!”

“Ah, how Mike. And how long did you stay?”

“Since we lost 2 to 1.”

  1. Mike’s mother is talking to a friend and says, ” Well, my son Mike loves to dance and sing, and when he’s older, he wants to dedicate himself to one of those two things, but he doesn’t know what to choose.”

To which the friend replied: “Well, I think you should choose the dance.

– Why? Did you see him dance?

– No, but I heard him sing!!!

  1. Mike is a slightly naughty boy, but this time he goes with his mother to a party, and mom wants him to be excellent.

So he says, “Mike if you feel like going to the bathroom, tell me you’re going to America, okay?”

“Okay, Mommy, I’ll tell you that.”

They’re both at the party, and after a little while, Mike says to his mother, ” Mommy, I’m going to America!”

The mother understands what her son said, but the lady who was talking to her did not, so she asks Mike, ” and what will you do alone there?”

“Well, lady, I’m going to see Chicago.”

Mike goes to his mother and asks him:

– Mommy, Mommy, do chocolate candies walk through the wall?

– No, Louie. Candy doesn’t walk.

Well, then I ate a cockroach.

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