July 17, 2024

Entertaining Games

Fun games that you can play from the browser

The list includes less known but fun and addictive games. Their only point in common is that they can be played from the browser. We have verified that all links work from Chrome, but most of them are compatible with other browsers. The list, by the way, does not follow any particular order.


The approach of this game reminds a little of Spore, but in massive multiplayer mode. Each participant is a microorganism that grows by eating others smaller than him but, as he does, he becomes slower. This simple approach is wreaking havoc. As simple as fun. You’ll want to try again, and you’ll be lost.

10 Bullets

There are hundreds of arcades of Space Invaders ships out there, but 10 bullets have a peculiarity that already indicates their name: In each game you only have 10 shots. The key is that, by destroying a ship, it generates shrapnel that can knock down others. The chain reaction is crucial, and provoke it a matter of knowing when to shoot.


A next-generation shooter for the browser could not be missing in this list. In this case, it is based on the Unity graphics engine. It is surprising that an application within the browser already offers this quality. Of course, it supports multiplayer.

The World Biggest Pac-Man

If you like Pac-Man, here you will get fed up. This website has been organized by Namco Bandai herself to honor the character on her 30th anniversary. The best thing is that users can create their own game screens. Right now there are thousands to choose from.

Gods Will Be Watching

This fantastic adventure available on Steam has a somewhat decaffeinated browser version in comparison, but very interesting. Your goal is to make a very different group of characters survive in a camp in a remote place for 40 days, and you only have a handful of actions for each day.


Playing Doom or Quake should be almost a subject so that even the youngest know where the origins of the current games are. The ID software game is probably the one that has moved to really strange formats and media. In the browser it works thanks to Flash.

Drakensang Online

One of the most recent exponents of the long lineage of Diablo clones. You have to grant Drakensang that he has really great graphics to be a browser game. If your thing is to explore dungeons and collect magical items, you can stop searching.

Cube Slam

The mythical Pong of a lifetime, but remastered to give a perspective not very different from the classic air tables of the recreation rooms. To the incentive of playing we can only add that of playing against other users.

Sparta: War of Empires

A real-time strategy game in the old-fashioned way, but with a state-of-the-art technical aspect. As the name suggests, it is set in the wars of ancient Greece. It is not far from game mechanics like Age of Empires .


There are many mini-golf games, but Wonderputt has the charm of scenarios that seem to be taken from the imagination of MC Escher. As simple to learn as difficult to master, and with a good physics engine.

Super hot

At first glance it looks like a shooter, and it is, but with a very important turn. Time only passes if you move. In other words, it is as if the entire game was developed in bullet time, which allows us to refine the tactics to follow in each case. He has been so successful that he has made the leap to Steam.


This game combines platforms and some touches of adventure and puzzle with a style that reminds a lot of the mythical Limbo. Coma is completely based on Flash and is not very long, but its refined aesthetic makes it worthwhile.

Cut the rope

If you have lived in a cave you may not know this mythical puzzle game for smartphones. From its website you have access to the entire saga and below, in “give it a try”, the complete original game.

Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

Not only does it boast a rather delusional aesthetic and approach. It is also one of the most addictive endless racing games on the Adult Swim website, which also houses a long collection of such games. If you like to crush the keyboard or listen to very doubtful 80’s music, this is your chance.


You could not miss a DoTA style game in this compilation. One of the most recent is Airmech. The game offers a background similar to that of the Mechwarrior saga, and is based on fighting robots capable of transforming into air units with different abilities.


It started as a free PC game, but you have found the success of this version developed entirely on HTML5. It has even jumped to other formats like PS Vita. Spelunky is a balanced combination of old-fashioned platforms of traps, annoying enemies and puzzles.


Downloadable, but can also be played from the browser, CrossCode is a Japanese 2D role-playing game that mightily remind sagas like the first Zelda, Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem. His success has also led him to Steam.

Kingdom rush

A Tower-Defense type game set in a medieval world with lovely cartoon-style characters. As we overcome hordes of enemies, we improve buildings and gain game options. Nothing surprising, in short, but it is beautiful, free and very well done.

Battlestar Galactica Online

Massively multiplayer titles online and based on major space wars are not new. The absolute reference in that field is O Game, but since that classic many others have come out. One of the most recent is based on the popular TV series.

The Settlers Online

Although it is more freemium than free, The Settlers online is heir to a long saga of excellent strategy games. It will delight fans of building and managing resources.