July 21, 2024

7 Tips to Feel Better

Here we are at the end of the event three tips to feel good, and now that I had the honor to organize this month. Of course, I want to participate as well, and you will find in this article 7 logical steps to feel good here and now. You will discover during these steps, and at the end of this article, all those who participated in the event and I invite you to read their articles because there are gorgeous pearls!

  1. Step 1. Acceptance and revolt in the here and now

In life, we face challenges, problems, obstacles. You know that we all know that. Not everyone accepts them so that it can be useful as well as evil in reality. If you refuse to accept what is happening in your life, then you have two ways to react:

  1. Step 2. Dispose of surplus and surplus to feel good

Taking is all very well, but sometimes we get the impression that the roof of our house collapses on our head and that the weight of our responsibilities weighs 2 tons on our shoulders. Depending on our philosophy of life, our beliefs, and our mood of the day, it is more or less comfortable to face the trials of life. Then there are techniques to remove the pressure or emotions that seem to weigh heavily on our consciousness. I was speaking to you some time ago about the method of the volcano, which allows evacuating its emotions by a visualization exercise. I highly recommend you to use it without moderation!

  1. Step 3. Establish thoughts, beliefs, and habits to feel good

Accept, evacuate, clean up; of course, it’s necessary! And to move even faster on this path to wellness, it may be useful to replace your old beliefs with new ones that are more conducive to our happiness and success. For this, the number one tool we think of IS General self-management. The autosuggestions are these little phrases that we will repeat so that they will be accepted as valid by our subconscious. And thoughts received as accurate are no other than beliefs.

Generally speaking, it will be by striving to create new beliefs that are more conducive to your well-being that you will move along this path as quickly as possible. And this is done through repetition, through new habits and through all the changes that you can bring about in your life.

  1. Step 4. Take Action

Action is a cure for many ailments. How many people feel bad, depressed, useless, or bored, all because they never do anything different than what they are used to doing. This is a scandal! You must act. Act towards your dreams. Act in what you have to do. Act in what you want, vibrate. Ask yourself the price of your inaction!? Acting is also a powerful remedy for stress and many diseases. That doesn’t mean you have to pull on the rope until it farts! But dare to act where you see only the brakes because this is where you will make a real difference in your life.

  1. Step 5. Caring for your environment to feel good

You have undoubtedly heard that you are the average of the five people you most often associate with. This is true in some areas, but it is still an order of magnitude. But you are also the average of the 5 activities that you practice the most, the 5 books that you read the most, the 5 events that you participate the most, the 5 games that you play the most, etc. hence the interest to take care of your environment and to make sure that you feel good in everything you do. I admit that sometimes you have to do things that you don’t necessarily want to do, to please others. Making this effort is not insurmountable and will not weigh heavily in the balance. But realize that what you do is the mirror of who you are and that by changing what you do, you will improve yourself. I invite you to discover the two articles below which address this topic.

  1. Step 6. Take care of your body to feel good here and now

It is also apparent that you need to take care of your body to feel good. The saying “Well in his head, well in his body” is true, but so is the reverse! “Good in his body, good in his head.” Did you ever get up in the morning in good physical shape? I imagine you’ve seen the difference in your state of mind. Everything seems simpler. Everything seems to be flowing. For this, you have sports, food, various energy practices, essential oils, simply be beautiful, etc. A whole bunch of tricks designed to give you an energetic body!

  1. Step 7. Create your reality

I’ll make it quick to finish this article. You have the power to create your reality. You are free to choose from. You have free will. Then make your life a reflection of what you want. Apply the recipes that work. Act in the spirit of improving your experience. Accept whatever happens to you. Say no to what you don’t like or more. Brakes only exist where you see them. The obstacles are only where you accept them to be. Remove those brakes. The bypass of these barriers. And dare to live a life where you feel right here, and now, that is every moment. Isn’t that the only goal for all of us?